Just A Sample

8 Jul

Hi Everyone,

We all thought that winter had arrived a few weeks ago, but seeing the snow on the hills around Sawmillers and hearing of customers who had white gardens really drove home the fact that winter hadn’t arrived until this weekend and it was ideal piecing and quilting weather.

We have had lots of deliveries of new fabrics, seven ranges in all, they are all scrumptious and cover all tastes, I shan’t go into great details in this post as I know a lot of you are either away for the holidays or looking after children, but suffice it know I have taken lots of photographs and shall be showing them in future weeks, as I said to my daughter in Delaware I have just found the close up button, so you will see an example of how it works.

Pictured is the new Martha Negley range called Packed Mums these are for Free Spirit and the colours are incredible, blues, pinks, greens to name a few, we have blenders to go with them too, so come and have a look and be inspired to make something bold and beautiful!

I shall finish this post now and shall contact you all when the new extensive post goes ‘live’ next week with details of the new arrivals, don’t forget the classes we are taking registrations for, the samples are on display at Sawmillers for you to see, and a wait list has begun for the beginners class already.

Have a great school holiday with your families and Happy Quilting.


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