Butterfly Medallion

27 Jun

Good Morning Everyone,

Thank you to all those who have already had a look at the previous news from Sawmillers about the classes we shall be running, but as with all things the descriptions weren’t perfect, so I shall amend them so that non of you will be disappointed when you enroll.

The first ‘glitch’ was that I spelt Diannes’ name incorrectly, my apologies Dianne, it should be Barnden and to add insult to injury I had her living in the wrong place, she is actually from Ascot Park, Porirua.

The other important mistake is that the Butterfly Medallion class is more about using large scale prints and free motion embroidery than applique, nevertheless the finished product is stunning, if you require more details you can always phone Sawmillers or email us at enquiries@sawmillersquiltery.co.nz

One other point I have to make is that the Square Strips is a table runner. 

The above picture shows a small selection of fabrics that may be used for all the classes we are holding, but there are plenty more to select from.

Happy Quilting,and we hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to catching up with you when you come and visit Barney and me.


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