What Was In The Box?

30 May

Good Morning Everyone,

As my son in law in America would say, we have crunchy grass here at Sawmillers, the ground is white with heavy frost, but the sun is shining so all looks well for the day.

Well, the box has been opened and we have put all the goodies on display, there are Ruby Beholders, these natty little things are to help you with your fabric selection, they are used to help you sort your fabrics into different values.

We also have a selection of Machine Guides for those who have difficulties gauging the important 1/4″ seam great for beginners who are daunted by the degree of accuracy that is required.

We also have the Quilt Tac range on display, these basting guns can be used instead of basting or pinning your top, batting and backing together, I use mine all the time and it certainly saves my fingers, come in and see the Starter Kits.

The Quilt Rack pictured is hand crafted, it folds up when not in use, and can display more than one quilt at a time, ideal if space is limited and you don’t want your precious quilts hidden away in cupboard.

The Beatrix Potter draw finishes this weekend and we shall contact the lucky winner, we still have a great range of this delightful fabric including 2 panels which can be made into books or I have used them in centre of blocks, particularly attic windows.

The general news around Sawmillers and Stonestead Teas is that we have unfortunately lost one of the young doves who live in the dovecote here, we have become very fond of these lovely birds, but one succumbed to the attention of the local Sparrow Hawk who flies in from the valley, although we accept that Mother Nature has her work to do too, and as is always the case it is the survival of the fittest.

On a lighter note, Barney is well, although we are all looking forward to his forthcoming hair appointment and pedicure, this will ensure he is handsome enough for his official role as 2nd Assistant and Official Greeter.

Until our next post and more news of ‘what’s in the box’

Happy Long Weekend and Quilting too.


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