The First Entry

20 May

Welcome to all who get this blog newsletter, it is an exciting innovation for us here at Sawmillers, and means we don’t ‘clog’ up your emails, this is all due to the ‘techno’ advisor Samantha in the States, who also happens to be my daughter and will act as our roving reporter over there, keeping us up to date with the happenings over there.

Sawmillers is now an established part of the Stonestead complex, those who have visited us have had the option of tasting Kevins’ delicious Devonshire Teas, with his made to order scones and choices of teas, all very scrummy, but if it is just the quilting side of things you want, then we enjoy having you visit us too, we really enjoy helping you and if you have a completed project we would love to see it.

The BOM Butterfly Kisses has now been quilted and on display in the shop, the picture shown is just before it went away for quilting, the colours are beautiful and the advertising literature issued from Andover certainly doesn’t do it justice, come in and register for the programme, it is over nine months and according to Cheryl our sample make, went together very easily.

I can’t finish todays entry without mentioning our official greeter Barney the Bichon, he has also been promoted to No 2 Assistant, he has proven to be very popular with all our visitors, but I did have to install a rule of ‘No Barking’ at the first customers of the day, he seems to have adhered to that, so he has had a ‘biscuit increase’


We look forward to seeing you all, and I shall post another entry very soon.

Happy quilting everyone.


One Response to “The First Entry”

  1. Julz 22 May, 2008 at 9:19 am #

    Hi Yvonne – Welcome to blogging – this is a fantastic medium to promote your wonderful shop and all the great goodies you have in stock. Barney will be pleased with his new promotion to No. 2 Assistant 🙂 Am off for our quilting weekend tomorrow – so will look forward to catching up with you next week to organise our clubs raffles fat 1/4’s.
    Hugs Julz

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